2 thoughts on “Chapter 15: A Place on Earth”

  1. I reside just outside of Detroit and I happen to be a “fan” of Wendell Berry. Your comments about Detroit in the context of Wendell hit me like a good swig of bourbon. The feeling of place here is palpable. To have lived here at its worst (my entire life up to recently) and now see it with hope, love and care is beyond my powers of description. I’m not ashamed to say tears come to my eyes to see its old and neglected places brought back to vibrancy. I have said many times that people who haven’t lived in Detroit through its worst can’t love it now like those who have – because it is our place. To think Detroit would be an example of a place in the sense of Wendell Berry is for me a miracle. Perhaps Detroit is doing what Wendell suggests – practicing resurrection. Beautiful podcast. Thank you.

    1. Sean,

      Many thanks to you and your city for the hospitality shown to me during my visit. I was there covering the Urban Land Institute’s Spring Conference, and I was fortunate to see projects and hear stories that many visitors don’t. I’m looking forward to a return visit in which work won’t be involved—there is much I’d like to further explore.

      Thank you so much for listening, and I truly appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.


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