Chapter 12: Alas, Babylon

When a book sparks emotion, you have to take notice; no matter the book. Alas, Babylon is a reminder of the threat, both past and present, of nuclear war. And, it’s a reminder that faith and hope are not easily lost. Grab your bourbon (or Knob Creek if you’re playing at home), and settle in for a Gen-Xer’s rant.

Book and Bourbon

2 thoughts on “Chapter 12: Alas, Babylon”

  1. Really enjoyed the podcast! I will be using it for a class that I teach on apocalyptic literature–Alas, Babylon is our first novel, which I am pairing with The Road. Cheery stuff, right? Anyway… Thanks for the excellent insights. PS: I have almost the exact same history with bourbon and spirits more generally. Must be something about being born in 1973…

    1. Thanks for listening and thank you for the comments! And yes, there must be something about 1973. P.S. Call it a coincidence, but another McCarthy is coming up next on the podcast. Cheery stuff, for sure.

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